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Who says we did?
You forgot nutria 😂

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You forgot nutria 😂

Greg Norman

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Actually that jambalaya may not be authentic;

Real Louisiana food has to have at least 2 of the following:
alligator, snake, possum, and crawdads..

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We are staying at St Louis Casino Queen RV Park for two night and hoping to try the Girrrls jambalaya 😂

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Loved the jambalaya !!

Just finished my last serving of the " take home " batch !

Mercy ! You guys could sell this stuff !

I carried a very warm bag back to my car but stopped off at the John on the way. I left the zip lock on the ground while I was busy, and after my relief, I forgot it and drove home. Next day, it was still where I left it ! !

So I picked it up and put it in the car !

Maybe it's better after a night " chillin' " on the ground ! ! !

Thanks so much !

Your efforts were very much appreciated !

Good food, fun and fellowship ! !


Bulent Aliev
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