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Mike Satchell

Apply the paint with a roller, "tip" it with a brush.  Lots of videos....

Mike Satchell

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What exactly IS rolling and tipping?

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Rolling and tipping seems to be a great, clean and effective solution. It is used on the topsides (part above the water) on large yachts and from what I have seen equals spray-on is less expensive (less material) cleaner (no paint booth necessary) and requires only a special type of roller (not home depot kind) and a good quality brush. The only problem, for me, is that I am a solo builder and to get best effect you need another person to roll or tip, with the tipping happening very shortly after the roll on. It is done in small segments, just moving along the piece until done.

I am seriously considering just rolling on primer since it is sanded after application. Still pondering how i can do the roll and tip although that is not out of the question. (I do have two arms)


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Rich wrote:
Consider rolling and tipping

Definitely something to consider.  It looks to me like a beginner might get a nicer finish with "rolling and tipping" vs. spraying.

Andrew Anunson

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