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This video says it all as far as the technique.

I will probably do it myself, thanks.

Google wisely. I was able to find a video of a person of the British persuasion who, on video, rolled and tipped the topsides of a rather large power boat, by himself. It seemed like it was his first attempt, however his first coat looked beautiful and glossy.

The important thing in rolling and tipping is to use the proper paint and thinner instructions. The brush should be a high quality (boar bristle). Its purpose is to go over the rolled on paint (use only  high quality dense foam rollers) and smooth the surface from bubbles and orange peal to allow the paint to then flow--not to add more paint to the substrate.

If I am not mistaken, there are paints, including 2K urethane that are formulated for this process which tend to flow out more appropriately. Temperature of application is critical in that hot temps tend to "dry" the paint quicker and give you less time to adequately tip.

Check with yachting suppliers-- Jamestown has lots of experience and seem willing to talk about paint and processes-- Apparently their main (or only) concern and business is these coatings rather than being a general marine supplier. Of course shop for the best deals once the item is determined to be best for you.


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Jerry Hardesty wrote:
What exactly IS rolling and tipping?

Rich Wrote:
Still pondering how i can do the roll and tip 

See Here... it can be done by one person alone....

Andrew Anunson

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