Re: Canopy fram delamination


This looks to me like the end result of sanding too much glass away in the finishing process, resulting in not enough glass to make IIRC a very structural flox corner. The canopy frame can be highly stressed in many ways - thermal, torque from a roll, +/- g forces - that are a non-event to the rest of the fuselage.?? You were unlucky enough to find just the 'right' wrong combination of circumstances.


On 8/6/2019 10:03 PM, skyeyecorp@... [canard-aviators] wrote:

Hoping the picture comes through to you. I just recently discovered this on my canopy frame. The crack is on the hinge side of the canopy frame, right between the hinges and raised from the surface by about 1mm. Can't fathom when or what caused sudden force or impact that I know of.?? Has anyone had this happen on their LongEz canopy frame?


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