Re: EZ painting

Harley Dixon

And a couple of more examples of my plane's finish.


On 8/7/2019 12:43 PM, Harley Dixon harley@... [canard-aviators] wrote:

Yes indeed Art, and the previous mentioned Pettit and West Marine's own SeaGloss are two of them.  Also,  Bob, using these paints, and the rolling and tipping process mentioned, my finish IS equal to spray jobs done by my local aircraft painting people at the Canandaigua Airport.  They have admired the job I did on my plane using West Marine's SeaGloss and rolling it on.


On 8/7/2019 10:50 AM, ARGOLDMAN@... [canard-aviators] wrote:
If I am not mistaken, there are paints, including 2K urethane that are formulated for this process which tend to flow out more appropriately. Temperature of application is critical in that hot temps tend to "dry" the paint quicker and give you less time to adequately tip.

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