Re: EFIS D10A LCD replacement; was RE: [c-a] Not happy with Dynon.

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Does that have one or two plugs on the back? I found both.

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Subject: EFIS D10A LCD replacement; was RE: [c-a] Not happy with Dynon.

Hi all,
Thanks to one of the guys here having a replacement LCD I got my EFIS repair for a fraction of the $450 plus two weeks and round trip shipping. 
It took about 10 min to put it in and it is working great now.
The display is a Sharp LQ038Q5DR01 and I just ordered a new spare on eBay for $24 shipped. Note that the display looks different as it has a metal shield on it that has to be removed.
If you have a Dynon D10 product you might want to get a spare. I don’t know what happened to mine but it looks like a glare shield sticker delaminated in the center causing a off axis unreadable white spot in the center about 1.5” in dia.
To install a replacement carefully do the following:
1)Remove the two front panel screws and pull it away from the bottom, there are notches holding the top.
2)Pry the white plastic display frame out from the top, it will not come out from the bottom.
3)Remove the four screws holding the front panel to the case and unplug the high voltage connector with the silicon wires.
4)Remove the metal shield from the replacement display and cut off the PCB ground tab sticking out.
5)Plug in the HV connector and put the front panel back on the case.
6)Carefully put the bottom edge of the display in the front panel frame and push it back in mating the connector fully and make sure the HV wires are neatly run.
7)Put the front bezel back on, top first. Make sure the rubber button strip and button PCB are properly in place and put the two screws back in.
Note: my used EFIS I got had sluggish and intermittent far left and right buttons; the ones that are used the most.  I fixed that by cleaning the PCB with alcohol and a Q-Tip and coating the back of the carbon buttons with #2 pencil lead.  That worked great!  I have done this before with remote controls and a synth keyboard.  Do not clean the carbon buttons with alcohol.
Del Schier
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Subject: [c-a] Not happy with Dynon
I purchased a Dynon EFIS D10A used and was going to put it in my Cozy.  It looked and worked fine when I got it but sitting for months in a box in my air conditioned hanger something happened to the LCD display; the display has small bubbles in the center and now has a bright spot off axis.
It took me three days to get them on the phone as they only take voicemail for service and support.. I finally got someone today and they refuse to sell parts. They would not sell me the LCD display which takes 10 minutes to put in. I already had it out and back in to see if I could source the part elsewhere.  I don’t like dealing with companies that will not sell parts!
They want me to send it back and it will be $450 plus shipping and 10 days plus the shipping time and cost.
Maybe someone in the group knows where to get the display.  Attached are photos of the display module and driver PCB.
Maybe someone can help find the part for less than $450. It should be $50.
Del Schier
Cozy IV N197DL
Cannon Creek Airpark 15FL

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