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David is right. Just showing up and spending some money on interesting services will help the people who live there get back to normal (as can be expected). My impression is many of the locals at Cat Island enjoy a challenge.

I will go again.


On Sep 7, 2019, at 01:15, Orr <david@...> wrote:

I told people I was a year away right up until my first flight - kept the stress down...for them and me. I didn't tell my family that my first flight was my second flight - I did my no pressure flying a week earlier...with one good canard guy "holding the keys", so to speak. On the big day he had champagne in his strake coming to attend when his engine quit and he forced landed back at Van Nuys. Decided on a beer instead of attending my second flight - discovered his champagne on a later day.

I had people asking why I was going to Puerto Rico after their disaster - I am not much for repairing roofs but I figured people would stay away and the tourist economy would be hurt. So I went to try to do my tourist part. I'm trusting Chris and Curtis Wray to find somewhere in the Bahamas we can go and support their economy too. After 5 good trips to the Bahamas, I will go again, even if I am on the left coast. Hope you all will come to Disneyland after the big Quake of 2020...or whenever...if nothing else than to see a freeway city stop running altogether. Do something every day and the plane will get finished.


On 9/6/2019 7:13 PM, Gnorm76 wrote:
One of my inspirations besides all the other great fly-ins is the Bahama Bash. Oshkosh was my quest this year in my first flight later turned Rough River now the Bahama Bash. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Now following the devastation I’m sure some things won’t be the same. I’ve read so many stories of all the wonderful hospitality from some beautiful people down there that it makes me feel the canard community should do something special this year. Any ideas?

Greg Norman
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