Staniel Cay, Bahamas is OK

Bill Allen

Following the hurricane, I reached out to a place I’ve stayed before several times to see what help they needed.
John Chamberlain has some great cottages overlooking the beach by Staniel Cay Yacht Club. 

He says they didn’t have any damage and his place is open for rental.
I suspect that, as with other catastrophes, the actual area of extreme devastation is smaller than it is in the minds of those who were planning to visit.
My experience of Irma in the Keys was like that, but as the Keys are connected to the infrastructure of the USA they could recover more quickly than the Bahamas can.
So even if you can’t help by nailing on roofs etc etc, you could help by maybe flying your Cozy/LongEz over and spending some tourist dollars there :^)
Contact John Chamberlain (cc’d above) to find out more about how open Stenial Cay is for visitors.

Bill Allen
LE160 N99BA

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