Re: Aileron

Andrew Anunson

Ed Andrews wrote:
be sure to have the proper edge distance between the center of the rivet and the edge of the piece.  This is a very important part.  Minimum acceptable edge distance is 2 1/2 D. 

Thank you for providing that advice Ed.  I followed the Cozy MKIV plans for this work, and those plans do not adhere to that minimum acceptable edge distance of 2.5 x diameter of hole drilled.  

The diameter of the hole we drill is 1/8", so that recommended distance from the edge is 2.5 x 1/8" = 0.3125"
The actual plans distance from the edge is 0.12"... less than is recommended.

These rivets must go through hinge A3, then through bracket A2, then through the center line of tube A10... so how do we adhere to the plans requirement as well as the 2.5 recommendation?
(see attached image)

Of course, there have been no failures of the Cozy aileron attachment methods, so I will not be changing anything... its just a discussion.

Andrew Anunson
Cozy MKIV #1273
Chapter 25
Pound, VA

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