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Tom Smith <TRCSmith@...>

You can use split or no split I order the split when I need to change a worn seal. It's faster and no tool required. Make the seal area is really really clean.

Tom Smith  A&P/IA
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Why do you think the rubber is shot? 

If you are blowing oil out at the prop you may have a positive-pressure in crankcase problem, not an oil seal problem.  Is the seal still in the engine or sitting on outside of engine?

My engine blew seal out after I my crankcase pressure relief tube oil incorrectly faced into airstream coming thru cowl instead of away from it  AND/OR I flew thru an hour of classic carb-ice conditions (I hv FI, but point is cold n wet) and I froze up the moisture in my oil-breather hose.

Fix was to install the Antisplat system from Note of caution: unclamp and inspect the part that goes into your exhaust, carbon does build up and could block tube - I scrape out with screwdriver every oil change.

Replaced nose-seal with one piece seal, with tool and help of grizzled old A&P. Lyc Service instruction attached, shows how to change, ignore the overbore stuff. attached.


Jeff Barnes
RV6 Race 411

On Sunday, September 15, 2019, 9:22:15 AM MDT, john toelaer johntoelaer@... [canard-aviators] wrote:

After 50 years, I think the rubber is shot.  Who has changed one of these?
Did you use 2 piece or one piece seal?   If one piece, where did you buy the tool?
Youtube does not discuss the spring.  I have big fingers so how do I attach the 2 ends of the spring.   What questions did I forget to ask?

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