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It is a gauge port. You can plug it with no problem.

Ron Montgomery

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Greg Norman wrote:
I have a Bendix flow divider with what looks like an extra injector tube. On the web I see the same with a set screw or plug for this hole. Anyone know where this tube goes? Should it be plugged for my application? Want to be sure since it may be a vent or something and the divider may be calibrated to have this.

My guess it that you are looking at the "gage" port, which you can hook up to an old fashioned fuel flow gauge.  If you are referring to the gage port, you can plug it with an appropriate plug.  I have my gage port plugged and am using a red cube to monitor fuel flow.
See the attached pdf and see if it helps (sorry about the large file size.... its 2.3mb).

Andrew Anunson

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