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Tom Smith <TRCSmith@...>

There are other places that sell that. Shop around I do and get my alum in Sacramento 30 miles away.

Tom Smith  A&P/IA
Long-EZ N12TS

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That's not a good thing to be shorted any material, if it is raw goods a vendor should always give excess. I think if Jim were aware of this he'd get it sorted.

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Fellow Canardians,

I never though I would do this but I need to e-mail Jim Irwin at Aircraft Spruce if you have it so I can make him aware of this. Please e-mail it to me privately.

Twice now I ordered 2 feet of aluminum channel and they come up short. The first time it happened I said ok and they sent me a replacement. Today, I received another order, aluminum was cut short. However, the 4130 tubing I got were cut to exacting length. I’m sure their replace it but it’s the wasted time I have to wait .

Long EZ

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