Re: Screw Terminals

Rick Hall

I have several of a similar design in my bucket. The terminals, not the completed fuse block. +300 hours, none have loosened up or failed. +5, +12, GND at my EMS module. 'quick' disconnects at the wing root for the NAV/Strobe cables. Pmag uses them too.

As to the fuse block design, it's quite elegant :) Unsure I'd want to push more than 10-15 maps total through it though. That said, you can get ATO fuses with a built in LED. A bit pricey at about $.60/fuse vs .12/unlit fuse, in bulk.

The plain terminal blocks are available from various sources, most common in a through hole configuration. Digi-Key, Mouser, and Jameco all sell them. The ones I have are flush mount (free hanging?) so need some sort of a mount. VHB tape has worked for me. I have a few in the parts bin, can bring one to RR if interested.


On 9/21/2019 2:34 PM, Saro Marcarian sarodude@... [canard-aviators] wrote:
That's not a suggestion.  It's not a special area in a far off airport.  It's also not a semi vulgar expression.

I'm curious about the use of Screw Terminals - the kind where the terminal block directly clamps your stripped and otherwise unterminated wire.  I've come across an interesting solution to handle power distribution / fuse protection for the instrument panel which utilizes these terminals.  Just wondering about folks' thoughts on this type of terminal in an aircraft environment.

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