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David A Froble

David Domeier wrote:

re "Having been in the communications engineering business for years, I
entirely agree with Peter's comments." (re VHF antenna connections)

It is nice to hear from experts on this subject.

The winglet RST VHF antenna has worked very well with its 2 metal
connectors and a soldier joint imbedded in the winglet, except for a
rare instance when a transmission produces much noise.

The external antenna mounted directly beneath the radio provides
excellent transmission and reception, so far. (4 flights)

I have an annual condition inspection due and may sleuth out the problem
with the 25 some feet of cable run to the winglet. I haven't yet
decided if it is worth the work, the short run cable antenna is working
so well. I certainly am not going to open the winglet to check the
soldier joint.
We have a roof mounter TV antenna, with coax running to the TV. A few years ago
the reception had deteriorated to something awful. Couldn't figure out why.
Don't remember why, but I replaced the coax, with a better grade of coax, and
the reception was as good as it had ever been.

I cannot explain why the capabilities of a coax cable decreased. Maybe
something at the connectors, corrosion, whatever. Maybe coax does deteriate.

If you're doing an annual (or whatever) inspection, maybe test some new cable,
and replace the old stuff. You replace spark plugs, gas in the tank, etc.
Couple of years ago a guy had a leaky carburator on his ultralight. We're
talking about $100 or so here. After several weeks of fixing, I suggested he
bite the bullet and just get a new carb. He was stuborn, vowed to fix the old
one, and blew a whole summer's flying.

Take the easy way out, replace the old stuff if it doesn't work, and enjoy life.


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