Re: Canopy Plastic Cleaner

Bob Holliston

Been using Lemon Pledge for 27 years, no problems. Works for taking bugs off the wings too, but I just use a hand towel soaked and wrung out with warm water. The hanger next door has a hose lying on the ground in the sun full of (free) warm water. With the warm, wet towel it never takes more than three minutes to get all the bugs off if I do it immediately after landing. 

On Fri, Feb 7, 2020 at 2:50 PM KEN4ZZ via Groups.Io <> wrote:

I use bottled drinking water and a clean microfiber cloth.?? If you get to the bugs while they're 'fresh', it's usually all you need.?? Save your preferred super stuff for problem spots.


On 2/7/2020 3:35 PM, Keith Spreuer wrote:
I've been using Plexus aerosol cleaner fort a while and it is good but at $22.50 for a 13 oz can pretty expensive. There must be a cheaper alternative that is still good for the plastic. What do you guys use?



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