Re: A teaspoon of canard humour in dark times.

Tom Staggs

In the 90’s, I flew airshows in the Long-EZ all over the US and Canada. Because smoke oil was so expensive, I always filled my tank before leaving a show and heading to the next one or home.


I was flying over the Rockies up at FL200 (going over rocks and weather), when center called my traffic as a 737 at my 12 o’clock, 20 miles descending. Center leveled them off 1,000’ above me, but the Southwest jet reported “no joy” on seeing me. Head-on, that’s not surprising.


After his third “no joy” call (although I had reported him in sight), he was about 6 miles straight ahead. To help him see me, I flipped on my smoke system. About 15 seconds later he called ATC: “Traffic in sight. I didn’t know those EZs could go that fast – he’s even making contrails”. Even at a 3 dollars a minute, I kept the smoke running extra long – I didn’t want anyone to know my secret. <grin>


Tom Staggs

Long-EZ N13YV “Invictus”

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