Re: A teaspoon of canard humour in dark times.

Jerry Hansen

This may not be relevant, but it was memorable to me (though many years ago)….


When we were flying back from Castle AFB to San Diego after visiting our son and his family I checked in with Bakersfield approach with “Merry Christmas”.


The controller responded with “Humbug!”


I asked “Why Humbug?”


He responded “Have you ever been in Bakersfield?”


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In the 90’s, I flew airshows in the Long-EZ all over the US and Canada. Because smoke oil was so expensive, I always filled my tank before leaving a show and heading to the next one or home.


I was flying over the Rockies up at FL200 (going over rocks and weather), when center called my traffic as a 737 at my 12 o’clock, 20 miles descending. Center leveled them off 1,000’ above me, but the Southwest jet reported “no joy” on seeing me. Head-on, that’s not surprising.


After his third “no joy” call (although I had reported him in sight), he was about 6 miles straight ahead. To help him see me, I flipped on my smoke system. About 15 seconds later he called ATC: “Traffic in sight. I didn’t know those EZs could go that fast – he’s even making contrails”. Even at a 3 dollars a minute, I kept the smoke running extra long – I didn’t want anyone to know my secret. <grin>


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