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Jim, have you tried calling them?

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Jim Evans wrote:

I have a Dynon D10 and D100.  My aircraft has been down for the past three years and am bringing it back on line in a few weeks.  I will need to update these units but I am wondering if they are supported any longer.  On their website, they do not sell them any longer and the updates appear old.  Should I consider abandoning them?  Anyone still using them?  I really don't want to start all over with another system.._,_._,_

There's probably just no update needed - I don't think I'd updated my D10A EFIS or EMS-D120 in many years.

That said, both of these (the D10A and the EMS) will be for sale in the near future - I've upgraded to a Skyview system. The D10A is plug-and-play with the D10, I believe, and was almost working perfectly (reboot every so often for no reason whatsoever - a problem in IFR, not a problem in VFR conditions). I'd let it go really cheap, and Dynon still supports them and fixes them if something goes wrong, as they're the units that are STC'd for TC'd aircraft.

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