Re: Engine Problems

Jim Rodrian

Did you do a compression check?
Jim R
Defiant N403R

On Apr 25, 2020, at 6:48 PM, patch <longez.patch@...> wrote:

Hey gang, I have been trying to track down some engine problems for a while and I am at the end of my patience. 

O-320 E2G 10:1 pistons. Powerflow pusher exhaust. Left EI Electroair Rt Slick Mag recently overhauled. 

The engine was running perfect until the day it wasn't. Then it wouldn't idle below 1200 rpm and ran very rough with missing. Cleaned carb. No luck. Swapped carb for known good one. Same problem. 

Suspecting an intake leak, the intake system was regasketed and new hoses. It idles better and is somewhat smoother but it still won't idle below 900 smoothly and it is still missing and running a little rough. 

Replaced all 8 plugs. Replaced ignition wires on the EI.  Still no change. 

Anyone have any diagnostic ideas?

Scott "Patch" Humphrey
Cozy III
Savannah, TX 

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