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Del Schier

Yeah I will do them for $99 plus shipping and handling 😊  The screens are $24 shipped on eBay from China.


I couldn’t find my description of what the replacement procedure is but from memory something like this:

Take the instrument out of the panel, you probably could do it in the panel but not easily. 

Remove the two screws on the side and pull out from the bottom, there are notches in the top of the bezel that hold the top.

Be careful don’t force anything. 

You will see the old one doesn’t have a shield on it like the new one so take the shield off of the new one.

I think there was some screws inside to make it easier to get at the connectors; I forget.

Carefully unplug the connectors, don’t force anything.

Plug the new one in and reassemble the inside making sure the wires and switch PCB are properly in place.

Make sure the rubber buttons stay in position when you put the bezel back on; top first.


TIP!! If your buttons are sluggish clean the PCB with a Qtip and alcohol. DO NOT CLEAN the black carbon dots on the back of the buttons, that will possibly damage them!  Take a soft lead pencil and write the pencil lead over the surface of each black dot.  That restored my sluggish buttons to working like new.


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This is why aviation stuff is so high priced. 48 dollars over the internet or 450 from Dynon. A 1000 % markup.


When i (we) go to a glass panel I wonder if Dynon would eliminate the screen, give us a 450 discount and Ill call Del and by this part, or, just buy GRT system.


Nice going Del.



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My Dynon D10A screen decided to flake out. Dynon wanted $450 for a replacement.


Thanks to Del Schier who put me onto a replacement available for $48 on the ‘net.

This arrived today. And also thanks to Del for a step-by-step description of how to install it.


Thanks also to Saro Marcarian who offered me one of a batch he bought.


I’ll install this one over the next few days and publish how the install went.






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