FCC Radio License for International Flights

Tom Staggs

Hoping that someone out there is a HAM or other FCC subject matter expert...

Rules have been changed so that we no longer need an FCC radio license for flights within the US, but they are needed to cross the border. Since I live adjacent to Canada, and hope to do some other international flights in the next few years, I figure this is something I ought to get (my previous one expired).

I have found a reference in the FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Fee Requirements for FCC 605 that exempts applicants for ALL fee requirements, if they qualify as "Amateur or Vanity". Does anyone know if a personal-use only airplane license would classify as Amateur, and how would I prove this for the application process?

Thank you,

Tom Staggs
Long-EZ N13YV
Paine Field (KPAE)
Everett, WA

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