Re: New Dynon D10A screen

Del Schier

Glad you got your Dynon fixed Neil, the repair probably took 10 minutes.


I was a bit concerned that I would have the problem again with one of my two D10s so I got a spare from China for $24 tax and shipping.


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I installed the new Dynon D10A screen today. New one works like a dream. Bright and visible and all the better for only costing $48 vs Dynon’s $450.


I had to think through a few issues as I was doing it but with Del Schier’s instructions all went well. Didn’t even have to use any 4 letter words! What a great feeling of satisfaction to win one in these tiles of pestilence!


Call/mail me with any questions. It’s the same unit but you have to de-construct the one you receive a little.


Oh…someone asked for the website to order it. I got mine from Ebay. Here’s the reference; Mine was $48, I see it’s now $65.




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And here's the same unit from Ebay for $24 but it comes from China (thanks Del)







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Did you put out a web site for the new screen?? If so I missed it.



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Subject: [c-a] New Dynon D10A screen

My Dynon D10A screen decided to flake out. Dynon wanted $450 for a replacement.


Thanks to Del Schier who put me onto a replacement available for $48 on the ‘net.

This arrived today. And also thanks to Del for a step-by-step description of how to install it.


Thanks also to Saro Marcarian who offered me one of a batch he bought.


I’ll install this one over the next few days and publish how the install went.









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