Re: Homemade ADS-B in/out?

Ryszard Zadow

<Out does not, they have to be approved systems>

This is a long story which will be coming to the surface soon, but Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience has been effectively grounded by ADS-B. We have only one aircraft equipped with it and cannot afford to do the rest. We're not the only ones. Many people I know in the Houston area have been grounded by this "mandate" Kitplanes Weekly recently ran an article titled "ADS-B for the little guy" that describes similar situations and how people are dealing with it. 

RAFE is in the process of spearheading an initiative to address this. Certainly it was not the FAA"s intent to purposefully ground people  but that has become the consequence. In this effort we've been communicating with several organizations. Below is a quote from EAA Government Affairs: 

<The one concession we have managed to obtain from the FAA was the acknowledgement that experimentals need not have "certified" (TSOed or otherwise) ADS-B systems, as long as they meet the performance standards of the rule. <

We've not seen exactly what this refers to and have it in writing on FAA letterhead but we're moving in that direction. I'm sure someone can make one of these a lot cheaper than what's on the market and maybe help people get flying again. 

Pres. RAFE. 

On Sunday, June 7, 2020, 06:57:37 PM CDT, Keith Spreuer <kspreuer@...> wrote:

ADSB In has home made solutions Out does not, they have to be approved systems

On Sun, Jun 7, 2020, 4:33 PM Fridlo4 via <> wrote:
Ladies and gentlemen --
I seem to recall discussion some time back about a kit you can buy and assemble that will provide ADS-B in/out for a homebuilt.  If it does exist, could you please provide a line.
Thank you much!

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