Re: Homemade ADS-B in/out?

Ryszard Zadow

< I agree with Curt, they will never allow a homemade OUT kit! One company already got shut down if you recall!>

Ref my quote at the beginning of this thread, the FAA has ALREADY ACKNOWLEDGED that “as long as it meets the performance standards” experimentals do not need a TSOd ADS-B system.

You’re concerns about accuracy are unfounded as the requirement to meet “performance standards” makes that mute.

Curt, a transponder is a very simple device, nothing high-tech about it at all and by today’s computing standards neither are ADS-B systems. You think something like this can’t be done in home made kit format ask a guy named Jim Weir!

I’m sure at some point in the past some close-minded people once thought “No way could anyone build a high-performance aircraft entirely out of fiberglass”


On Jun 9, 2020, at 06:16, Don B via <> wrote:

I agree with Curt, they will never allow a

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