Re: Aging Pilots - another problem


What a great post about your flying career, Sid. I’m a newbie with only 33 years flying experience!

Two comments:

1) fly without liability insurance. Go ahead and give away whatever assets you don’t need, as will happen when you die anyway. This will protect them from legal claims if the worst should happen. But as others have noted, what are the odds of liability anyway, at least if you are flying alone? Most small planes don’t hurt anyone outside the plane. 

2) stop getting medicals, at least if you qualify for the BasicMed system. The only reason you would not qualify would be if you have a special issuance, I believe. And even if so, there is a system for dealing with that. The reason not to keep getting a conventional medical is because if it is ever denied, then you are ineligible for BasicMed (and for the normal Class III or whatever). If you quit getting them when you’re healthy, then you can’t be denied, basically. 

Your story was inspiring. Keep flying. Bless you. 

Tom Darden

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