Re: Aging Pilots - another problem

Rick Hall

On 6/23/2020 3:45 PM, Sid Tolchin wrote:

Never met Penny, as you're back seat was filled with luggage when we met at Springfield-Branson due to WX. Me NE to SW, you SW to NE.  If you don't remember our meeting I sure do, and would have gladly paid for your meal at Wendys if you had allowed me :)
It has been a joy flying all over the US and Canada with my wife, Penny, other family members and friends and it has stimulated several of these to get their own private pilot licenses.

Since our kids, grandkids and great grandkids are all over the country, it has been really convenient
Single here, no real family, liability insurance is not a requirement to preserve my vast estate. But I do carry it so I can fly Young Eagles :) Talk with your financial advisor, perhaps a revocable trust for your home and assets.

If you think parting out is a solution, please stop. Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience would gladly accept accept your donation, and this donation could be beneficial on your tax return.

Rick (flew a rental PA28 aka "the Barf Rocket", N888AW to SGF to meet with Sid)

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