Re: COZY: Is anyone currently operating off a grass strip with a cozy MK IV

David A Froble

On 7/25/2020 4:08 PM, Bulent Aliev wrote:
As Vance said,
I did hear from the buyer, complaining that by the time he gets to take
off line, the engine overheats. He wandered why? 🙄 I explained to him
that taxiing at high power in the grass, with minimal forward motion,
the engine has no way to shed the extra heat.
Than he asked how come the nose dives down too much on takeoff roll?
Again, the small nose wheel boggs down in the grass and the thrust of
the engine pushes the nose down I told him. Than he altered the NG strut.
I was very much against him flying from the grass strip, but the doctor
was persistent. What do I know?
Some people know what they want to know, don't bother them with facts.

He bought it.

He'll beat it up.

And then he'll badmouth canards.

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