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Greg Norman

Hope I never need this.

On Fri, Jul 24, 2020, 11:18 AM Bob Holliston <bob.holliston@...> wrote:
The best solution to that problem I've ever heard of was Bill James' great idea. I don't remember all the details (of course) but it went something like this: Under the cowl he strung light cable with insulated wire wrapped around it in places where a fire was likely to develop. The cable is grounded. When the fire burns through the insulation it also becomes grounded and turns on a warning light on the panel. I guess that when this happens in flight you do a quick 180 to see if you're trailing smoke. If you are, you take the halon FE out of the bracket and plug it into vinyl tubing that goes from the cockpit to the engine compartment and pull the trigger. Maybe Bill will chime in on some details. 

On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 1:43 PM Greg Norman <gnorm76@...> wrote:
Thanks Izzy. My first start had a flooded induction - dripped out the naca scoop. Can see the danger. Glad you had a spotter.
Always worries me of a possible fire where you can't see it. Some auto sensor and extinguisher on the firewall is ideal for our type aircraft.

On Thu, Jul 23, 2020, 4:31 PM I. N. Briggs via <> wrote:
i installed one of these into the headrest on a VariEze. 

One day, I had an induction fire from a over-primed start. someone nearby saw it. I pulled the extinguisher off while still seated and the witness took it and shot a couple triggers up the naca induction. Put the fire out instantly. If I hadn’t had that it could have been much worse. 

Only damage was a singed induction that needed some new glass. 

The Extinguisher still had the needle in the Green! So i just installed a new zip tie safety to hold the pin in and put it back on the plane. 

So the smaller one would likely have been sufficient. 

Highly recommended. There is a red one that’s a little leas swanky looking but does the same thing.

“Must have” for the aircraft MEL.


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Looking at the FAA requirements for fire extinguishers. In a nutshell the munimum for us is must be UL approved, Halon 1211, and minimum 2.5 lbs. Don't know why A.S. is selling one at 2.3 lbs then jumps to 4.9 lbs.
Anyway, anyone find a good resource for one before I call my DAR?

Greg Norman


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