Long EZ and Cozy plans brake question.

Del Schier

I have been helping a friend that purchased a nice EZ. I just flew it for him for the second time this morning.  I actually like flying it better than my Cozy except the cabin air vent is almost useless here in FL.


We are both wondering if the brakes are OK.  I took the Cleveland brakes off my Cozy and put Matco’s on but my old Cozy Clevelands have much thicker rotors; about twice as thick as his EZ.  I thought the original plans brakes for the Cozy were the same as an EZ and the same thing as on a Cessna 150; is that not correct?  The numbers are long gone off of both sets of Clevelands so it is hard to look up the minimum thickness.


We think the EZ brakes have .163” for minimum rotor thickness. My old work Cozy discs read about .340”


Thanks in advance for any help.


Del Schier

Cozy IV N197DL

Cannon Creek Airpark 15FL


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