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Can you guys enlighten us how you decide the worth of anything especially a composite home built Airplane without even seeing it?

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That airplane should be worth a lot more than $30k.




Terrence E. Bartley

2012 Teakwood Ln

Port Orange, FL 32128



Long EZ N425KT

New Smyrna Beach Airport


New Smyrna Beach, FL




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Hi Eric, I've pulled the ad. Got cold feet on the idea.  Thanks anyway.



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Hi Marlon, send me an email I may have a buyer for you.

Eric D.



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2017 Cozy 3  $30K


AFTT will cross 100 hrs next week

I can deliver in the lower 48 for return fare


Unfortunately this AC doesn't work for flying my family, due more to my dimensions and my passengers' agility than to the Cozy, although honestly the Cozy 3 is really is better suited to early 20th century sized people (like Nat Puffer).

It's great for me solo (I'm 6', 210 lbs.), but I need a comfortable alternative to commercial flying for my family of 3 particularly during Covid, so I'm looking to get a fast flying station wagon, maybe a Bonanza, and I can't have a 3rd aircraft.


I am only advertising on the Cozy and Canard forums, and the price is reflective of the fact that this is a flying project and I'm going to need a buyer who is capable of working on the airplane and is willing to contractually indemnify me of liability.  

The biggest squawks are: I still don't have adequate cooling on cyl #4, it has a nuisance oil leak that I haven't been able to find, cabin heat is anemic, and I haven't installed wheel pants yet.


Pix, POH, Build Logs, and info are available at:


Text from the 'Readme' in the dropbox folder above is copied below.


Thanks for your consideration,


Marlon Gunderson

Lake Elmo, MN


Cozy III N129GR


First 95%: Gary Riedel 1986-1994 (A&P, IA, career mechanic at Bassler@OSH and NWA@MSP)

Last 5%:   Marlon Gunderson 2013-2017

29 April 2017 FAA Special Airworthiness Certificate granted


AFTT ~100hrs

Engine: Lycoming O-320-E2D 890 SMOH, 2790 TT (from a Skyhawk via Wentworth AC) all cyl's mid-70s.

New at AF completion:

   1 Slick 4370 Mag, 1 Lightspeed Plasma III Electronic Ign,

   Fuel pump, Oil Pump,

   Carburetor Marvel-Schebler MA-SPA4 10-5009

   Hertzler Silver Bullet prop

E.W. 998 lbs

G.W. 1600 lbs

Fuel cap: 50gal

GU canard



Garmin G5 PFD (non-TSO version)

Garmin GMU-11 digital magnetometer & GAD-29 connector for future gps/nav interface

Garmin GFC 500 (non-TSO equivalent) 2 axis Autopilot System (GSA-28 roll and pitch servos, GMC-507 controller)

Garmin Aera 660 (panel cradle mounted portable GPS) terrain, synthetic vision, autopilot control output

King KT76A Mode C Transponder

ADSB uAvionics Echo w/SkyFly WAAS GPS

    'In' Traffic and Wx displayed over FAA sectional maps on 8” RAM mount tablet via WIFI

EMS MGL Xtreme

   Tachometer, Fuel Flow,

   4x CHT, 4x EGT,

   OAT, Carb Temp, Firewall Temp,

   Manifold Pressure, Battery Voltage

Discrete gauges:

   Oil Temp, Oil Pressure,

   Fuel Pressure, Ammeter

   ASI, Altimeter, Magnetic compass

COM1 Becker AR4201

COM2 Valcom 760

Audio Panel PS Eng. PMA 4000

3ea Headset jacks + Aux. Input jack for music, podcasts


Sam James wheel pants purchased, not yet installed.

Write-up of panel upgrade last winter in this local EAA Chapter newsletter.


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