Re: Primer Coverage

Bob Holliston

Andrew, good point. Most white paint jobs on EZ.s are exactly what you described...... not WHITE white. 

On Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 7:26 PM Andrew Anunson via <> wrote:
Bob Holliston wrote:
"It's a little late now, but the primer should always be white (not gray) to give the top coat more brilliance."

Thanks Bob.... although for beginners (like myself) its easier to use contrasting colors... that way we can see mistakes before moving on to the next step.
1.)  Gray primer over white micro shows mistakes.
2.)  White paint over gray primer... you know if your coverage is too light.

The paint manufacturer says its ok to use the gray primer with the white paint.... and my choice of "Pure White" may need some toning down anyway.

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