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Hi Kevin-

Many thanks for publishing the photos and the link to the CAFÉ research page.  When I checked out the page, I noticed the link on it to the reports about the various CAFÉ 400 races thru the years.  As you no doubt know, the first one in 1981 was actually 250 (vs. 400) miles. That's the one in which I flew my - still flying - geriatric VariEze, N4ZZ.  When I checked the report out it was quite the stroll down memory lane, seeing familiar names and tail numbers from nearly 4 decades ago.  It's even easy (for me) to recognize mine in the picture of the Ezes by my first iteration Scimitar prop.  I had cleanly forgotten I'd placed so high, just 2 out of the money.  Good times!


On 8/28/2020 12:10 PM, Kevin R. Walsh wrote:
I've been loosely following this aircraft since the first pictures were published.  It was interesting to me because it has a very similar fuselage profile to the wheel pant mold I made for my Cozy IV.  That shape was first published by Fabio R. Goldschmied in work he was doing on low drag bodies for airships from the 50s through the 70s.  you can see some of the CAFE Foundation papers on those shapes and research here:

I took the X-35 coordinates and adjusted them to fit the wheels & brakes of the Cozy IV, and did some CFD analysis of it, which you can see here:

And you can see the mold I made on a CNC router here:

and one half of a finished wheel pant in carbon fiber here:

Unfortunately, life got in the way and I still fly my Cozy with no pants.  Well, no wheel pants at least.  I will say that a CFD comparison of drag forces at 180 Knots between this and a "standard" wheel pant shape yielded less than 1% difference in drag just for the pant & gear leg.  Which means that without a true side-by-side comparison between the two on the same plane under the same conditions, we'll never know if I spent a lot of time for nothing.  At least it is fun to talk about when people look and ask why my wheel pants look so funny.

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