FW: Panel design

josrph berki




Hi Everyone,


I am trying to design my panel and with all of the latest developments I am not sure  which road to go down.

Use Ipad or tablet or dedicated instruments.  I have steam gauges for altimeter, airspeed and compass.  I built an engine monitor 7” display to accommodate the rotary.  I have a basic Icom radio and a Garmin transponder.  I need GPS, EFIS, ADSB in and out.  If there is an engine monitor that can accommodate the rotary (some EMs are for Rotax which has water temp) and some extra data such as delta P through the rads would be a plus. Appreciate any input as to what is a good combination.  Cost would like to keep it down but safe.


Joe Berki

Limo EZ 13b

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