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Been running the same alt in my EZ for 19 years still putting out 14.1 volts, One wire.

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Do you want an internally-regulated alternator?  Bob Nuckolls does not recommend them because they don’t incorporate crowbar overvoltage protection.  See  “The truth about crowbar OV protection"

Anyway, IG must receive 12V to power the field windings.  No power to the field = no output,  “S” Sense must be connected near the battery to vary the voltage output for the load.

It is not much work to convert a Denso to external regulation.    Here is one way.  There are a couple more ways to do it.

> On Sep 6, 2020, at 2:18 PM, johntoelaer via <> wrote:
> It is a 35 amp Denso or Nippondenso.  Dont know the make of the internal voltage regulator.  Google yielded a wireing diagram for a 3 wire Denso.  Mine has the 3 terminals but I assumed only the "batt" was an active terminal.  Out of desperation today, I added a wire from the "IG" term.  to the master solonoid  Will test tommorow.  If that doesnt work I am off to NAPA.
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