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David A Froble

On 9/8/2020 6:27 PM, josrph berki wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to design my panel and with all of the latest developments I
am not sure which road to go down.

Use Ipad or tablet or dedicated instruments. I have steam gauges for
altimeter, airspeed and compass. I built an engine monitor 7” display
to accommodate the rotary. I have a basic Icom radio and a Garmin
transponder. I need GPS, EFIS, ADSB in and out. If there is an engine
monitor that can accommodate the rotary (some EMs are for Rotax which
has water temp) and some extra data such as delta P through the rads
would be a plus. Appreciate any input as to what is a good combination.
Cost would like to keep it down but safe.


Joe Berki

Limo EZ 13b
Ok, I'll try.

First, try to keep things as flexible as you can. You most likely will be changing things after a while.

During your initial flying, you will not be getting into situations, one would hope. A simple and cheap tablet with Avare will give you a moving map, and more. You can always move to something more expensive later, after you gauge your actual requirements, based upon initial flying. Keep a list of things you wish you had, and you'll have some of the requirements when you do decide to upgrade.

As for ADS-B, start cheap. One I've seen that I like is the Linx, I think that's the name. Expensive, over 5 grand, but, it talks to you. Any ADS-B that requires your eyes inside the cockpit is not good, in my opinion.

I want to hear "traffic on collision course your 7 o'clock, break right and dive". Of course, it should have told you about the traffic before it got so close.


Avoid steam gauges ....

I know Marc (with a "C") doesn't like MGL, and I really can't say much about them. I have a compass with a remote sender, and I'm rather happy about it. At least until it fails me. I do have some friends who are using various MGL products and are rather happy with them.

Here is a rule. You WILL change some of your initial instruments. So keep them as cheap as you can while you learn your aircraft.

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