Re: Arduino experts

jack hohner


The beauty of the Arduino products is that there is an unlimited availability of code examples on the internet.  And there are expert programmers on discussion groups with evidently time on there hands who will look at your code and give advice.  There should be examples of the code you need for every sensor you are using.  I have copied and pasted lots of code for Arduino projects.  There are also lots of books written specifically for Arduino.  You can bread board your Arduino and sensors and test it on your computer until it works.  The beauty of the Arduino compiler is its great at pointing out code errors.  Not like in the old days when you had to examine every line of code to find where you goofed up.  Still it takes a lot of trial and error.  It only seems difficult at first.  Even interrupts.  Google your sensor until you find an example.  Someone out there has used your same sensors with Arduino and posted their code.

Good luck

Jack Hohner
Spokane, WA

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