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Love the 4d sys displays!

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My code is just what I was able to put together on my one with help from researching other projects on line. Don't know what git style repo is. I need to go through the program one more time with the 7" display and then let people see if there is a better way.

Joe Berki

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I'd be willing to check it out. Is your code checked into a git style repo or ??


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I started a project a couple of years ago using Arduino mega board for an engine monitor.
I required an engine monitor that could provide the information to support a rotary engine.
The parameters that I needed were oil temp and pressure, water temp and pressure, 2 EGTs, fuel pressure, delta P for oil cooler delta P for radiator ( lets you know if you have air flow through the rads), Tach, fuel level left right. I was able to get the equations for the temp and pressure sensors and had it running. The inspiration to attempt this was the 4DSystems display modules that had software that permitted one to create all types of gauges and graphic displays and was free on line. My question, IS THERE ANYONE THAT CAN REVIEW MY CODE as a second pair of eyes to help me write efficient programs? After looking at several versions of the code and upgrading to a 7” display I need to go back and simulate the inputs to verify the program that will ultimately be in the plane. I am having trouble with the Tach code as it uses interrupt commands that scare me as a novice code writer. Appreciate any input.

Joe Berki
Limo EZ

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