Re: COZY: G5 for Experimental - Replace six pack

Kevin R. Walsh

I am not sure I understand your question.  There are two "versions" of the G5, one for certified aircraft with an STC for installation.  You do not want one of those for your Experimental Amateur-Built.  There is a price difference between the two of $1000.

The required instruments for VFR flight are listed in 91.205 for standard category airworthiness certificates. This specifically does not apply to E-AB aircraft, by definition. However, it would be foolish to fly with less than that list, and in my Operating Limitations it says to fly for night flight or IFR flight, I need the things listed in 91.205(c) and 91.205(d), both of which refer to 91.205(b) as a predecessor requirement. The "six-pack" is not actually required for VFR flight. So, if we eliminate engine instruments from that "TOMATO FLAMES" list, you're left with an airspeed indicator, an altimeter, and a magnetic compass. So, a bare G5 unit will do the first two. If you add the GMU 11 ($275), then you get the magnetic compass too.  

On Wed, Sep 23, 2020 at 9:51 AM 'Robert Asis' via COZY Builders Mailing List <cozy_builders@...> wrote:
Folks, I can’t find hard documentation that says one G5 would allow me to replace all of my six pack legally.  I see documentation for certified and STC; but, nothing that points specifically for experimental.

Long EZ

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