Re: Arduino programing engine monitor

jack hohner

Is there an issue if a variable is assigned a value at the top of the sketch?  I guess I am asking what is the protocol for defining variables and how or where to assign a value?

There are several types of variables concerning how and where they are defined.  Global, local, etc.  Pretty basic stuff.  Order yourself a copy of "PROGRAMMING ARDUINO" by Simon Monk.  It is a very concise and straight forward primer for someone like yourself.  Easy to understand.  Also, you need to plan on spending much time on the internet finding examples and people who will help.  There are literally thousands of nerdy programmers living in their mother's basement that have nothing better to do than help guys like you.  Arduino is the most open and widely used processor board in the world.  Discussion groups abound.  Again, I guarantee you can find your answers.  Like many, I can't take the time to solve your programming issues.  I am busy solving my own and ran out of time a long time ago.  But you can easily do it yourself.  It only seems difficult at first.  And it is extremely rewarding and a great learning lesson when you do solve a programming problem.  About the only thing anymore that can make me feel like dancing!  :-)

Good luck,
Jack Hohner
Spokane, WA

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