Re: Long-EZ bent main gear

Phil Kriley

I would replace the gear bow if it were my plane.
Phil Kriley

On Feb 6, 2021, at 11:33 PM, Keith Spreuer <kspreuer@...> wrote:

Never heard of a straightening method. Maybe someone else knows. I've repaired two that were worse. I'd cut off at the bend. Grind to a 12:1 taper. Like a chisel point. Build back up with E glass uni web to original size. You can adjust the toe in at this point. Then the plans torsional wrap. Remount the axle WITH a heat shield. Done.

On Sat, Feb 6, 2021, 9:10 PM Ed Hanley <ezeflyer@...> wrote:
A local Reno/Stead tenant bent the right main gear of his Long-EZ on landing. While braking he felt the right gear "go mushy" and pulled off the runway and stopped. The gear was smoking, and was bent out at 45°. The plane was equipped with wheel pants, but no heat shield between brake disc and gear. Photos attached.

I know this has happened to a few other EZ's. What repairs have worked for a melted and bent gear? What repair would you recommend to this EZ owner?

I'm posting this on behalf of "GI Joe" Magdaleno, who know a number of folks in this group but hasn't joined yet.

Ed Hanley

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