Re: ADSB clicking noise in my headset

Tom Smith <trcsmith@...>

I used them on my outboard LED lights.  Now no sound when the lights are on.

Tom Smith  A&P/IA
Long-EZ N12TS

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When I installed a Stratus ESG 1090 mhz transponder in my Cozy 3 I had the same problem with constant loud clicking in my headset.  The transponder output was inducing a noise spike in the audio circuits somewhere.  I purchased some clamp on ferrite toroids from Mouser and tried them on some of the wires.  I put one on the wiring feeding the comm radio that also had a built in intercom as shown in the attached.  It reduced the noise significantly.  You might want to experiment by installing them on the radio and audio wiring.

Bob Misterka
Cozy 3

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