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Interesting, when I had mine inspected The gentleman from Sacramento GADO told me that
all he could do is look it over and if he found anything wrong he couldn't make me fix it but only
recommend changing it. He also said that his job was to make sure that the paper work was correct.
Didn't even look at the building process pictures. I was already an A&P so the repairman application didn't come up.

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We are talking feds, after all.  😎
Actually, a lot was a review of the inspection criteria we talked about before sign off, along w/ some of how to inspect structure after painting and engine maintenance. 
On 4/23/2021 8:57 AM, Webcave via wrote:
Must have been an interesting 40 minutes. How does one quiz and judge you on subjects they know nothing about?


Interesting.  I can't help but notice the EAA page says, in a couple of places, that the FAA does not actually define the term primary builder.  I guess the take away is that if you do a lot of work on a project that you did not start, it's within the realm of possibility that you could get a Repairman cert if you can convince the feds, but that those chances diminish more or less in proportion to the amount of work you actually perform.

IIRC, back in the1970s the Repairman cert was relatively new.  The good folks at the Sacramento GADO (back when there were GADOs) who inspected and signed off my VariEze were all highly experienced A&Ps & AIs, but had never actually seen a composite homebuilt under construction before.  There were no builder logs, just what was then called a pre cover inspection.  I wound up explaining the inspection criteria in the plans to them using my plane.  Even then I wound up taking what amounted to a 45 minute oral exam before they'd sign my Repairman application.


On 4/22/2021 7:53 PM, Patrick Panzera wrote:
He uses the made-up term "majority builder" which is incorrect.
The proper FAA term is "primary builder" which means something entirely different.


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Interesting link from FAAST that may clarify things for some builders.�
Worth the 6 or so minutes it takes to watch:


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