Columbia, CA Fly-In - 6/4 - 6/6

Marc J. Zeitlin


For those of you who aren't on Tim Fisher's mailing list for some reason, the "Canards West" fly-in in Columbia, CA (O22) will be happening in a slightly modified manner this year. The airport and campgrounds are open, but the clubhouse at the campgrounds are not. So we'll be having a pizza dinner at a personal hangar on Friday night, then a fly-out for a pancake breakfast in Placerville (KPVF) on Saturday morning. After hanging out at the planes the rest of the day Saturday, we'll be having dinner at El Jardin on Saturday night. No presentations this year - just informal discussions.


for more info, and see the "dinner" page to tell Tim what you want for dinner on Saturday.

See you there!

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