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Routing the oil return line into a collector bottle compromises the functional concept of the oil separator. The separator must have crank case pressure on the oil return line for it to be able to push water vapors with whatever acidic components they may hold out the vent line. Routing the return line to a collector bottle (without crank case pressure) allow some of the vapors to go into the bottle and make a mess of everything in the bottle.

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vance atkinson wrote:

 Try the Cozy Girrls... they make a really nice one....

I have theirs as well - probably their beta unit :-).
I would NOT plumb it so the oil goes back into the sump.  That is some nasty stuff. Instead I took one of my wife's Revlon bottles and plumbed the return into it.

I do the same - I've got a collection bottle that I empty maybe once/year or so. However, I have a hard time believing that routing the stuff the unit collects back into the sump is a problem - it just came OUT of the sump, so it's already been in there. No? I just had no handy place to dump it back in, and I didn't feel like modifying the oil filler, or a return line, or the exhaust pipe - the collection bottle was just the easiest solution.

I'd be interested in seeing some objective data indicating that running the separator residue back into the sump is a bad idea, and why...

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