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Marc J. Zeitlin


Why we don't recommend air-oil separators...

Excellent - thanks for the pointer, Don.

So Mike's assumption is that if you use one, you're going to dump the effluent back into the sump, and he proposes that that's a bad idea. I won't (and can't) disagree, given that he has vast experience in this area, and I don't.

BUT, if you DON'T dump the effluent back into the sump - if you collect it, as Vance indicated, and as I do (and others) or if you put the residue into the exhaust pipe to be burned, then the argument for not using them is eliminated, and as long as you're willing to either empty the container on occasion (I empty mine at my CI, once/year with about 100 hours of operation/year), or de-coke the exhaust valve if you put the effluent into an exhaust pipe (and that needs to be done every 50 - 100 hours or so).

Thanks again for the pointer - after you posted it, I recalled having seen that in the past.

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