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A properly designed oil separator will do its job quite well but only if used properly. For one, if you only fly around the patch to stay current and to lubricate your engine then it is the worst thing you can add to your engine, it will do a great job of returning the oil , condensation, acids etc back to your engine. 
If on the other hand you fly long enough for the entire engine and oil to get up to temperature plus maybe an hour then the things that are not oil will become vapor and get separated and blown out while almost all the oil is returned to the sump. 
It works very well if you give it the opportunity to do its job. 

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A clone of the oil miser we produced ten years ago. 

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I hear good and bad things about the oil seperator. Mike Bushe speaks against it.

Busch. I don't remember his being negative on the idea of an air/oil separator - do you have a link?

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