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Jeff Barnes

I have an anti-splat, drains the oil-scum back into case, gunk into exhaust via a check valve which does the sucking on the case.  

Clean the check valve every 50 (oil change), sometimes less.  Get better performance from negative pressure in crank and never pushed the crank seal out since the install.  

Yeah, before the anti-splat on a cool summer afternoon the relief tube froze up and blew the seal out of the crank. Kinda messy.

I strongly recommend an anti-splat air-oil separator.


Jeff Barnes
RV6 Race 411

On Friday, June 18, 2021, 09:16:50 PM CDT, Marc J. Zeitlin <marc.j.zeitlin@...> wrote:

Greg Norman wrote:

I hear good and bad things about the oil seperator. Mike Bushe speaks against it.

Busch. I don't remember his being negative on the idea of an air/oil separator - do you have a link?

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