OSHKOSH Dinner ! CozyGirrrls 2nd annual jambalaya jam


Canardians, rumors of my near demise due to health are partially exaggerated!
Sorry if this has impacted your parts flow lately.

I am about to make the 14 hr round trip by car just to make sure we have the
camps sites we need to pull this off once again.
Weather won't cooperate to allow a friend to fly me up and back.
What we need from you all is -if- you have not RSVP'd you need to do this so we have
some idea how much food to purchase and prepare, if we run out, don't complain
to us, string each other up because we can only go by the number of RSVP's

    Cozy Girrrls 2nd Annual Early Birds Jambalaya Jam
                ( a CG / CSA / RAFE group event for Canard Enthusiasts )
If you are coming to Airventure 2021 Ohkosh and are going to be there early in the
week (Tuesday) and hoping to connect with other canardians, this is the place to be!
Jambalaya is a Cajun/Creole dish, it is made in a huge cast iron kettle, it is
mildly to somewhat spicy-NOT HOT. Chicken, pork, sausage, veg and rice.
A side of creamy coleslaw comes with it.
Pro Tip: Jambalaya goes really well with ice cold beer.
We will be at our campsite on North Doolittle providing we get our usual spot
otherwise we will put out the word via grapevine where we will be located,
as always look for the little red truck. Pictures of truck and map at bottom.
Tuesday July 27th, social hour begins around 5 PM BYOB-EER & chair.
$10 "donation" per person, hopefully food prices have not doubled, we'll know when we get there.
PLEASE bring a chair this year!
...as always, this is a test, based on previous years RSVP responses we have determined 70%
of you either drink a lot when you do your email or your skills at following the
simplest of written instructions are questionable, ...even if they come with "M" drawings.
We wish to thank the remaining 30% for making our lives easier.
So, if you are thinking of coming to the dinner, DO NOT HIT THE REPLY BUTTON!
Instead, please send us an email with a one line response:
Please do it like this:
email to: CozyGirrrl@...
Subject: RSVP
Body of text: # of people, name(s), email, cell
EXAMPLE of text:
" 2, Chrissi, Randi, CozyGirrrl@..., 867-5309 "
That way there will be enough food and beverage, you wouldn't want to run out would you?
There is a threshold where we may need to make a 2nd pot, so real numbers are important.
1. If you RSVP, please make sure you do receive a "Thank You!" email from us within 48 hours.
2. Assume picnic tables are not available so bring a chair if you are able to scrounge one.
We will try to bring tables and any local people who bring some will be really appreciated!
3. No vehicles, there is absolutely no parking available, you must park in the very near by
BLUE lot and walk.
Towards the end of the day it is free, park up as close as you can get to the corner by the
Fly In Theater there is a walk through, very convenient.
4. Bicycles, golf carts, strollers etc must be off the road and not on our neighbors campsites.
5. We do not know of anyone who will be donating alcohol so feel free to BYOB or pass a
hat and we will make sure there is a run to Walmart for ICE COLD BEER.
There will be coolers full of ice.
6. =No animals!= ,we LOVE animals, just not when & where we are preparing and serving food.
7. If you RSVP in the 10 days before Airventure you will probably not receive an
acknowledgement from us we're either on the road or already there and EAA WiFi is spotty.
8. Count on mosquitoes! Spray yourself.
You will need your chair and maybe a blanket for the movie next door, It is too early
for the schedule to know what the movie will be Tuesday night at the Fly In Theater but it is usually good.
Count on mosquitoes! Spray yourself.
.... or stick around and socialize!
Our trusty band of well trained and highly skilled volunteers look forward to seeing you all there!
The Little Red Truck for those who were looking for a red mini-pickup:

 This is an approximate location for where we try to be each year:

kamp_kozy.bmp (259.4 KB)
Osh6.jpg (1.0 MB)

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