RAFE Forum tomorrow morning 0830, Stage 3

Ryszard Zadow

For those at OSH please stop by the Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience forum tomorrow morning at 8:30 am, forum stage 3. Lots of cool stuff to talk about including a couple big announcements.

Wednesday catch RAFE on EAA radio at 9:30 am.

Thursday at 11am join COBA for the annual walk around forum looking at the variety of EZs on the flight line and discussing efficiency and modifications. This yeas it’s being hosted by Leif Johnson, Mike Beasley and Dave Adams. It will begin at the RAFE Sid Tolchin LongEZ parked on the first spot on EZ Street, right next to the Homebuilt Hangar.

Saturday morning join RAFE for the Future of Rutan Designs Symposium, 8:30 am Forum stage 5. Like 2019, this will be a facilitated open mike discussion between the audience and a panel of experts. This year the opening topic will be Insurance and the aging Pilot. Several representatives from the aviatiin insurance industry will be on the panel including Tracy Martin of Aviation Insurance Resources.

See y’all there!


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