Spark plug anti-seize didn't work

Del Schier

Hi all,

I know your probably at Oshkosh but I am getting ready for my CI sign-off
today. I could barely get out two of the auto plugs and adaptors for my
Lightspeed. I haven't even tried the other two or the aircraft plugs yet.

It has only been about 30 hrs since the last inspection. I put them in with
Permatex aluminum anti-seize and torqued them to the Lightspeed specs. I
stripped the ratchet in my long 3/8"handle in the process! I ran a 14 mm tap
through the adaptors, wire brushed the outside threads and used new plugs.

Obviously I am using the wrong anti-seize! I found this article: and
after reading that I don't know what to use.

What should I be using?
Thanks in advance.

Del Schier
Cozy IV N197DL
Cannon Creek Airpark 15FL

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